Internal Audit

Established structure of Jinja Internal Audit

  • Principal Internal Auditor
  • Internal Auditor

Services provided

i)    Advice to council on financial matters relating to the district

ii)   Verification that the district resources are utilised as per  the government requirements.

iii)   Providing information through the Chief administrative officer to various government organs as and when required. 


1    Audit of 11 departments i,e

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Council and statutory bodies
  • Production
  • Health
  • Education
  • Works
  • Natural resources
  • Community based services
  • Planning
  • Commercial services

2 Audit of 32 Secondary schools

3 Audit of three health training schools i,e

  • Jinja School of nursing and midwifery
  • Jinja laboratory training school
  • Oplalmic clinical officers school

4 Audit of 87 primary schools

5 Audit of health centres


i)   Audit is regarded as a unit despite section 92(1) stating that every District, municipality and Town Council shall have an audit department.This has led to loss of morale of audit staff  and migration of audit             staff  to finance department.  This impunity where the law is disregarded is not good and it is contempt of parliament which made the law.

ii)  Inadequate funding yet there are many auditable units.

iii)  Inadequate staffing due to a very small structure provided for.